Content Program Policies

  •  Speakers on accepted submissions will receive a complimentary pass. The pass provides access to all conference sessions. Acceptance of the pass must be in compliance with the policies of your employer, including conflict, ethics and gift policies. Oracle employee speakers do not qualify.
  • The conference registration will be canceled if the session is canceled or replaced.
  • The complimentary pass is limited to one pass per speaker and is not transferable.
  • Oracle does not reimburse speakers for travel and expenses. Speakers are responsible for any applicable taxes, custom duties or other expenses related to acceptance of the complimentary pass.
  • All submissions must include at least one speaker in order to be considered.
  •  Do not include proprietary or confidential material. Submitter is responsible for obtaining necessary permission to use such material.
  • Oracle reserves the right to edit session information for clarity, length, style, and to ensure correct use of Oracle product names (Oracle product names must not be truncated or abbreviated, for example). Reference the Tips section for guidelines.
  • For accepted sessions, Oracle may ask for a copy of the presentation to review and may request to work with you on the content.
  •  Deadlines must be met. Any requests received after the deadline may not be approved and any missed deadlines can result in cancellation of sessions.
  • Speakers are responsible for notifying the Content Team of a speaker change or a session cancellation. All requests should be sent to  with 1) the session ID; 2) title; and 3) reason for request.
  • Oracle reserves the right to cancel a session if necessary.
  • Oracle cannot release attendees' information. This is in accordance with Oracle's privacy policy.
  • By accepting the speaking invitation, you authorize Oracle to promote, publish, and disseminate content submitted to Oracle for use at the 2012 conference.
  • Invited speakers will be required to review and accept/decline the JavaOne India 2012 Speaker Consent Form. A copy of the speaker consent form is provided below.

Click here to download submission form